Where does team building come from?

In recent years, large corporations are increasing expenditure items for active corporate events. The funds invested in team building create the foundation for the formation of a favorable microclimate in the team and, as a result, the basis for the productive work of a team of like-minded people.

It is obvious that all these events unite people around one idea and allow to see each other in a new way. In the 90s of the twentieth century began to appear companies specializing in organizing and conducting active corporate events. Our traditions and foreign experience in their connection created a synthesis of active recreation, and, with a competent approach, an action of internal PR.

Where to carry out team building?

Team building events are held all year round indoors or outdoors. Indoor training is conducted if the goal of team building is to determine the company’s values, identify internal roles, or inform about the restructuring of the company. To improve internal communications between employees and create a relaxed atmosphere, it is better to travel around the whole office to nature, away from the usual office environment and concrete walls. The meaning of the outdoor event is to surround the team with conditions that are unfamiliar to him, in which psychological relief will occur as quickly as possible. Identifying hidden leaders, internal conflicts or mutual sympathies in such circumstances will be much easier. Based on the situation, coaches will select the best exercises for rallying.

Summer camps, boarding houses and rest houses (where you can stay overnight and break up training for 2 days), glades in the forest zone, the shore of the reservoir, etc. are suitable as platforms for team building programs. Long-distance trips to the sea or abroad are always held very dynamically and without fail become one of the brightest events in the life of the company