Corporate team building activities; the scavenger hunt

A common phrase that many people know is “a nation divided can not stand”. This statement happens to be true in any context and this includes the world of corporate enterprises. A good businessman or businesswoman knows that to not only be successful but also to survive in the corporate world, a team that works together well is essential. For some teams, this is a natural state. However, for other teams, it can take some time for all the members to get on the same page concerning a topic if they can agree on anything at all. Sometimes, the process of shaping a group of individuals into a team that can get along with each other just requires a bit of time. On the other hand, sometimes team building needs extra help. Luckily enough, numerous activities exist and have been tested that can successfully build a corporate team. One of the theses corporate team building activities includes a well-known game called a scavenger hunt. The base for this game is simple and straightforward; a group of individuals must find a series of objects. The best thing about a scavenger hunt, however, is that it can be personalized to suit certain aspects such as the location, where it is being played in, how much time is available to play the game, as well as the preferences of the people who are playing this game. One variation of the scavenger hunt includes blindfolding or putting noise-cancelling earphones on certain group members. This variation has the benefit of having to force team members to trust each other as well as allowing certain team members who are often shy to take charge by not placing a sanction on them. Another variation of this classic game is to have each object lead to the next through a series of clues. This variation will force the members of the team to think hard and creatively to find the next object. Through these variations of the classic scavenger hunt, a corporate team will be built in no time.